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You have an amazing song.

You’ve written some awesome lyrics.

You’ve put together some good chords.

But where do you go from here?

Questions A Producer Can Help You With

How can it sound more pop?
how should the guitars be arranged?
how should i arrange some sound design elements?
want a string quartet?
how should the vocals be arranged?
who should i hire to play piano?
what should the drums do?
should the mix be tight? dry? wet?
how should this be mixed and mastered?

What Does A Music Producer Do?

A Music Producer helps you finish your song or record and take it to its full potential.

Anything from helping you finish a line of lyrics, to playing and arranging acoustic guitar parts, to writing string parts, to mixing and mastering, to knowing which musicians to hire for your music, a producer takes your music to the next level.

Ohio River Production Example

(Click on the titles to hear the different versions!)

  1. Ohio River - Artist Demo 0:41
  2. Ohio River - Artist Arrangement 0:41
  3. Ohio River - Jake's Instrument Arrangement 0:40
  4. Ohio River - Jake's Vocal Arrangement 0:41
  5. Ohio River - Jake's Mixed_Mastered_Produced Final 0:41

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